Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shot spotter VERY active

I'm not back, but I want you to know... get on your computer and listen to your scanner. For the last several weeks Shot Spotter has been VERY ACTIVE. I just heard a gun shot as the PPD are canvassing an area near my home.
The PPD are all over it, but they are not catching anybody. They have been chasing bullets and groups of people gathering for weeks. There have been some people shot, but very little reporting in local media about any activity.
Again, the PPD is working HARD, they are moving fast. On a daily basis they are breaking up several large groups of potential "nefarious" gatherings. The recent Don't Shoot call in is an indicator of what is happening in the streets.
Are we safe? If we check the gentrified Peoria blogs you begin to think it's all good in the hood. But if you live and breath here [the hood] on a daily basis, I'm here to tell you, you should take great care.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday brunch...

Limber Notes
An Impassioned Portrait of A Street Dancer Named Olivier

“Sometimes, I don’t control my body, so I don’t know what to expect,” says dancer and sometime model Olivier Chapusette, in this intimate short from Irish photographer-turned-filmmaker Linda Brownlee. “This isn’t just dance—it’s everything,” he says, while the therapeutic nature of dancing, he suggests, “helps me to be a better person.” The Haitian-born, Brussels-based street dancer is among the subjects of Brownlee’s Limber Notes, a series of compelling vignettes spotlighting performers of all ages and backgrounds. “I wasn’t looking for professional dancers or even people who were really good at it, just people who were really passionate,” she says. She has long been fascinated by the physical brilliance of dancers, which has inspired her work for The New York Times, AnOther and Twin. Limber Notes captures performers such as Chapusette in their own environment and homes, so immersed in their dance, adds Brownlee, “they forget about you.”