Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mama always said: "Haste makes waste"

The election for BOE is April 5th - what's the rush?
I would be curious to know what the people currently running for school board think of the vast changes that may be coming down the pike (I bet CJ is working on that).

By the time they make it to the board, what input will they be able to have on the direction of our school district? It seems to me, that the March 28th date to say yea or nea on the changes recommended yesterday, seems a tad bit hasty.

If I am not mistaken, 99% of the BOE all have day jobs. Can they really be expected to make a completely informed decision of this magnitude by March 28th? Do they even know what Compass Learning, the 95 Percent Group or APEX Learning is? Do they understand why they should vote to go along with Compass Learning over APEX Learning, even though there is inconclusive data as to Compass Learning's effectiveness? Do they know exactly what and who it would take to implement the Edison program without the Edison Company? Do they really understand why parents in the audience cheered, when it was recommended to do away with Open Court Reading?

I believe that most taxpayers would agree, the BOE making an informed decision goes beyond just voting on the information fed to them by the Administration. We expect them to do their due diligence - get out into the schools, talk to parents, actually see the programs they have been asked to cut in action (or inaction as it were). In other words, we are going to need them to take a leave of absence from their day jobs and do a little home work... set a good example for the students.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Recommendations on District 150 school closures

... or should I say, the reshuffling of black and economically disadvantaged children south of Forest Hill continues unchecked. At a meeting this important - it is unfortunate that the people who receive funding to look after the rights of those in the black community were not present. The following recommendations on school closings were presented to the BOE this evening:

Close Columbia Middle School
Close Greeley Alternative School (high school)
Close the Knoxville Center (middle school)
Close Garfield Primary School

Get rid of the Edison Company and continue the Edison Program.

Greeley Alternative School and the Knoxville Center will be combined and housed at Woodruff High School. (middle school on first floor) (high school on second floor). The new program will be called the Woodruff Technical Program.

The children at Garfield will be sent to Harrison. The children at Whitter, who came from Tyng will be sent to Harrison school or Trewyn School.

Trewyn will become K - 8th. The children from Tyng who are at Whitter and who have siblings of age that attend Harrison School - will be required to have all their children attend school together at Harrison School.

Graduation requirements for Manual will change.

Trewyn will house an IB Program.

Discontinue Open Court Reading.

Washington Gifted was not audited and stands intact.

Just too much nonsense to put it all down right now. More to come as I review my notes...