Sunday, October 23, 2011

So, pulling into a church parking lot at 1:00 a.m. is probable cause for the police to pull you over?

It's always good news when the police can make an arrest of a felon who is in possession of a firearm and ammunition. However, if the news story below is accurate, the police didn't have any grounds for arresting this particular felon (i.e., probable cause). Don't get mad at the judge with this person is right back out on the street.



Night out on birthday ends with morning in jail

Jachion A. Johnson, 23, of 1725 N. Broadway St. was arrested at 1:01 a.m. Thursday and booked on charges of possession of drug equipment, possession of marijuana, escape, obstructing police, possession of a firearm by a felon, unlawful use of a weapon, possession of ammunition and criminal damage to property.

Johnson was seen exiting a vehicle in the parking lot of Laramie Street Baptist Church, 1611 S. Laramie St. A Peoria County Sheriff’s Department deputy approached Johnson and asked if he had anything illegal. Johnson reached for his left-front pocket, and the deputy put him in handcuffs.

A short time later, Johnson freed himself from the handcuffs and ran into the backyard of a house in the 3000 block of Fremont Street.

A deputy cornered Johnson as he tried to climb a fence. Johnson began to fight with the officer and was Tasered twice before being put into custody. Police found a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition in the trunk of the vehicle Johnson was driving.

He told police he ran because he didn’t want to go to jail on his birthday, which was Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's going on at Manual Academy?

It's been a little over six weeks since beloved Principal, Dr. Sharon Desmoulin Kherat left the building, amidst an orderly student walkout and tearful goodbyes...

Yesterday at about 11:48 a.m. the call came through for the police with a taser to proceed to Manual Academy, on the track (I don't know if they actually used it). Yesterday, all of the male principals in District 150 were called to go to Manual Academy. Yesterday, throughout the day, sporadic calls to the PPD to proceed to Manual. Yesterday, students at Manual confirm knowing about at least two fights before 12:00.

All of this activity is making me wonder... "what's going on at Manual Academy?"

@4:15 a.m. Emtronics posted:
...they had a full blown fight at Manual yesterday while letting the children out for PE. Fights broke out on the track, in public view. The Campus police didn't call backup but the Admin did put out a call for all admins at other schools to come to Manual. They didn't want this public. When they got the kids back inside, two more fights broke out. It was a hell of a day at Manual.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A positive report about Trewyn School

From the EmergePeoria e-mail box...
"Trewyn seems to be really turning around this year. I don't know if it is due to Ms. Andrews, or Carl Cannon/Elite group, or all new teachers and the facelift the school has gotten, but there is definitely a different feel this year, the kids are behaving much better so far, and the teachers seem to be really invested as well.

We had an evacuation drill recently and I couldn't believe how well it went. Kids were in straight lines walking in an orderly quiet "elite style" manner, all the way to Harrison and back. They went into the gym at Harrison and all sat down in an orderly fashion (I didn't go in to the gym, so I can't say for sure) but I can tell you that when they were leaving the gym, still in that orderly fashion with the older kids holding the hands of the younger kids, still in straight lines, I almost cried, I couldn't believe it. That would never have happened last year.

I told every kid that I came into contact with that day how proud I was of them and actually had a 7th grader, who is a member of the elite leadership team tell me, "It's because this year the teachers care about us.".

I think they cared last year to be honest, at least most of them, but the teachers didn't have the support this team has either. The same student told me that boot camp made the difference and said " we need it again, because kids are getting bad again"."
They will be having it again, Phase 2 was set to start that week, with assemblies.